No Gears. No fuss. Take the stress out of driving. Learn to drive Automatic with Jackie

Why choose me?

Hi I’m Jackie. I’ve been a driving instructor for over 15 years, teaching people to drive is something I thoroughly enjoy doing. I enjoy meeting new people I will always be calm and my happy quirky self during our lessons.

Does driving seem confusing? Full of perplexing rules and regulations that make no sense? Have you had an instructor that’s impatient or rude and perhaps knocked your confidence?

I teach people how to drive, with a practical, no nonsense approach. I will tailor my lessons to your individual needs and personality.

Have you passed your driving test but left it some time to get yourself behind the wheel? Let me help build your confidence in a calm and relaxed way, so you can take full advantage of that independence you gained from being able to drive.

Whether you are a new learner or someone wanting a refresher course, I guarantee your lessons with me will be relaxed and enjoyable, helping you look forward to them. Jackie’s Driving School, is based in Hitchin, I offer automatic driving lessons that include:

  • A high pass rate
  • No car sharing – one to one lessons
  • Block booking discount
  • DVSA approved ADI
  • Motorway driving lessons
  • Refresher lessons
  • PassPlus
  • Nervous driver lessons

Areas covered

Jackie's Driving School covers a wide area including:








Lessons start at


per hour

Contact Me

Hi my name is Jackie and I would love to provide you with automatic driving lessons. Please do not hesitate to get in touch,I am very friendly I promise. You can call me on 07886 702682 or email me at Alternatively please feel free to use the form below. Speak to you soon!

Driving Myths Busted!

Big fat No. The examiners are not worried about how you steer, They are just watching where the car is driving. Did you steer enough To keep the car constantly in the correct road position.

Another big No.
Just remember following the rules of the road are more important.
Example …So if you find you can not change lanes to turn right at
The junction, stay in your lane and go in the direction the rules allow you to go from that lane.

This is not a black and white yes or no I’m afraid, This is based on the situation at the time. So try to stay positive and don’t stress hopefully it will be a scenario the examiner can mark you as a driver fault.

 Yet again another bocus fact. The examiners just mark you on what you do, you drive safe you pass.  You mess up sadly you will fail

Drive safe follow the rules. Keep calm you can pass 1st time.


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